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Dynaudio Emit M10

The Danes provided us with an older model: the Dynaudio Emit M10. But that age doesn’t matter, we’ll hear soon enough. Wow… what a fine little speaker this is! But first some specifications.

The Dynaudio Emit M10 is a real no-nonsense speaker. Simple box, two-way, bass reflex. It goes without saying that we see the typical Dynaudio unit for the middle/low. And on top of that a soft-dome tweeter, as we know it from the Danes. As discussed in the live stream, Dynaudio uses – briefly – the same basic units and structure for all speakers. The more expensive models mainly get a better housing, nicer filter components and units with tighter tolerances. (For more info: check our article about the factory visit (Dutch)). And that – all in all – makes for a better loudspeaker. However, the signature is the same for all speakers.

The Emit M10 has a combined range of 50 – 23,000 Hz and an efficiency of 86 dB. Fairly average.


Although the Dynaudio Emit M10 is certainly not the largest in this test, we immediately feel that this speaker is right. And also wins on lowpunch and pressure. The bizarre thing, however, is that the bass remains tight. That’s a real achievement, considering the size of the speaker and the woofer. By the way, the KEF can sometimes go a little deeper and put it even more low. However, the punch of the Dynaudio is tighter and sometimes a little more tangible. The Dane is also more neutral tuned, which is nice for those who like a neutral speaker.

When we set up Paul Simon’s Graceland, we catch ourselves playing drums. Funny… it’s just an automatism when we get into the music. So this Dynaudio Emit M10 knows how to loosen that up. It’s also a very nice rhythmic speaker. Tight, punchy… in balance. What else should we say? This entry-level speaker of 299 per speaker is also just a throbbing model… a real Dynaudio… Period.


Dynaudio has this speaker perfectly under control. Response shows that they turn something on around 100 – 150 Hz. Maybe to create some heat. Distortion is low with from 100 Hz below 1%. At 40 Hz we see 3%, but it goes down hard. At the listening position, the distortion in the bass is a bit higher than with competitors. Especially 2nd harmonics. That might provide the extra heat.


The Dynaudio Emit M10 has a certain wow factor. The bass is really punchy and deep. That’s clever. The overall control is also remarkable for a loudspeaker in this class. It sometimes lacks some sparkle compared to a Bowers & Wilkins (which makes an immediate impression), for example. However, that is a choice of the Danes. Very nice speaker this: Approved!

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