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Multitest – The best switch for streaming audio

Price: € Differes


It was a very interesting test. Six switches for audio streaming. Network switches? Yes: network switches. And no... no data is lost in a normal network. And no: an audio-grade network switch does not handle data better or anything like that. It is NOT about data. It is about reducing 'electrical noise' (common mode). The 'fiber tweak' also proves this: it gives you a more relaxing sound. (provided that the converter is powered properly). A good power supply also helps enormously. Think of a NuPrime or Sbooster. Or if you want to be really classy: the Ferrum Hypsos

The first good audible step is in our opinion the Silent Angel / English Electric / NuPrime. These three switches have a similar design developed by Silent Angel. They are pleasant sounding products that bring more peace and quiet. One step up is the SOtM switch. Standard very good, but with Ferrum very, very good. What a neutral and tight sounding product that is. The end game for us is the Paul Pang Quad switch. This is a technically impressive looking product. A bit nerdy perhaps... But it sounds insanely good. An admirable product.

Watch the Live Stream


Sample Test Switches

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