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Musical Series – Sunday morning music – Part 1




The first article in a series, at least that is the intention. Readers of this website have, I assume, chosen their equipment with care, in search of sound that can enrapture them. As a music omnivore, I listen to everything, but I grew up with a preference for classical music. In this series, I hope to pick some pearls from the huge catalogue of recordings and share them. Pearls, because the music is so beautiful. But also because recording technology serves to convey the musical experience as well as possible. Music that makes your personal, careful choice of hi-fi equipment sing. I do this on the basis of a theme and in this article the theme is ‘Sunday morning music’.

With a cup of coffee

Sunday morning, after breakfast with a cup of coffee and the weekend supplements of the newspaper on the sofa. The sun is shining, there is a light breeze, it is pleasant to be there. What music suits this state of mind? I want to share with you some recordings that I often play on Sunday mornings, or that evoke that feeling.

18 Scarlatti sonatas