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Archives: Reviews - Hi-Fi

Totem Kin Play

Review Totem Kin Play active monitor

With the Kin Play, Totem not only plays on the trend of active speakers but also on the revival of vinyl. The built-in phono stage is therefore the trump card of this powered speaker. The easy placement, high user-friendliness and beautiful finish make the picture complete. The sound of the Totem Kin Play is fine and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Put a stack of CDs or vinyl ready and sit down for a good time. Have fun and play!

dCS Bartok

Review dCS Bartok streamer – headphone amp

What a machine. Of course, we have highlights in our testing career. But sometimes a product surpasses a highlight. It’s just special. The dCS Bartok takes the music experience to a completely different level. Without a doubt an Alpha Approved. Top notch product

Syntaxx dual PSU

Review Syntaxx bi-volt power supply

If you have one device to power, there are alternatives that may be more interesting. The Farad Super3 just sounds a little bit better to us. But yes: relatively more expensive (per output) and multiple boxes… So on a practical level, Syntaxx wins.


Review Ayon Sigma and NW-T DSD

It’s special stuff… AYON makes both optically and musically very nice equipment. The NW-T – 5150 euros – is a serious device with a delicious display. The Sigma-Dac (4000 euros) is in its class also a candidate to take into account. The tubes do something in the display. These Austrians have left a good impression with us. 

Review Yamaha Vinyl 500

The Yamaha Vinyl 500 is a very special vinyl turner which, in addition to analogue material, can also handle the latest digital music formats and streaming protocols.

Metrum Onyx

Review Metrum Acoustics Onyx

The Metrum Acoustics Onyx is a fantastic D/A converter. Album after album we are impressed by the naturalness with which the Onyx sends every type of music into space. He actually does everything right. It is fast, loose, fluent and rich in detail. The stereo image is very wide and his timing is amazing. Everything is just right. Digital at its best. Pure, pure, Onyx!

Review Bryston 7B power amplifier

With the Bryston 7B3, the Canadian manufacturer shows that it still belongs to one of the most prestigious hi-fi manufacturers in the world. These amplifiers offer us the ultimate compromise between the sound quality of a class A tube amp and efficiency of solid state. We praise the neutral character, the refinement and the enormous power with which these monoblocks perform. This allows these identical twins not only at solitary height within its weight class, but even far above. Bryston is also the only manufacturer to offer a 20-year class-leading warranty; if there’s no music in it… 

Arcam SA20 geïntegreerde versterker

Review Arcam SA20

The Arcam SA20 refines the display of the SA10 and offers more power to drive floorstanders more easily. Both analog and digital it sounds very good. The easy-to-read screen and user-friendly remote control enhance listening pleasure. The sound is calm, controlled but with sufficient dynamics. The Arcam SA20 fits well with different speakers and never gets sharp. An excellent all-rounder.

Audioquest Niagara 5000

Review Audioquest Niagara 5000 power conditioner

We live in a time of LED lighting, switching power supplies and more and more electrical appliances. This has consequences for good hi-fi systems. Chances are that they don’t sound as good as they could. The Audioquest Niagara 5000 has room for twelve devices: eight sources and four amplifiers. That’s a lot. More than many a lover will need. Compared to ‘directly in the wall’ we hear considerably more tranquility. And so more music. It is just better to follow. In terms of sound, we hear an open sound image in our set. Compared to the Kemp, the middle is more prominent. That’s not worse or better: it’s a matter of match and taste.

Thorens TD170

Review Thorens TD 170 turntable

The Thorens TD 170 is an excellent entry into the world of vinyl. The fully automatic control is an advantage and will appeal to many beginners. With the TD 170 no needle endlessly stuck in the groove when the record is finished. Because of the light weight, it is important that you put the turntable in a stable place that is as free as possible from vibration. And most importantly, ensure a good match between the supplied Ortofon OM 10 element and the phono preamplifier.