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How well does speaker decoupling work? Townshend, Isoacoustics, Primacoustic

On Sunday, April 24, we tried out three speaker decoupling systems for you. The Townshend seismic isolation platforms, Isoacoustics Gaia II and the Primacoustic RX12. We combined these systems with a pair of ATC SCM40A to check out the results. And yes: the differences are greater than we thought!

Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

On Sunday, January 30, we tested five interlinks live for you; actually, six, because we also picked up the “dropveter” for reference. A beautiful red/white cable that you will find standard in the box. You can watch the entire livestream back here. Below we outline our findings. Beware ‘non believers’; the differences are quite obvious! […]

Review Supra MD06 – LoRad – UHD8K Hdmi – Points to the right

In the quest for better quality audiophile components, power supply and cabling cannot be left out. At least, that’s your author’s opinion, skeptical though he may be. Anyway: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Do the ears really notice a difference when you work with separate “audiophile” cables? Let’s find out. We […]

Isotek Aquarius V5

Review Isotek Aquarius V5 – central powerhouse

As most Alpha Audio readers will know by now, we are currently busy developing a test to objectively identify the qualities of a power conditioner. This will not happen overnight, but the start has been made. Of course, we will not stop with the (partly) subjective mapping of our findings. And the candidate in this […]

Review Ricable Magnus cabling: High Class!

Audiophiles are a breed apart but you already knew that. We are always looking for better, larger and more expensive until finally, some of us anyway, we see the light and realize that it is really all about the music and not about some exotic speaker cable. Now this may seem like a strange way […]

PliXir BAC3000

Review PliXir BAC3000 power conditioner – clean laundry!

We got ourselves into a bit of a pickle with the multitest of power conditioners. There are – despite the obvious differences in the live multitest – still quite a few skeptics. Partly for this reason, we recently purchased a complete measurement setup. That way we can – if possible – actually show things. In […]

Live Stream test – Power conditioners – YETI, Isol-8, PliXir, Isotek

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, we listened to four beautiful power conditioners (Live): the YETI Reference, Isol-8 HC, PliXir Elite BAC 3000 and the Isotek Titan V5. You could again watch te stream; it’s embedded in this review. We started the test with a cable directly into the wall. Then we started listening to the […]

Review IsoTek Titan V5 – Titanic Power

When a manufacturer calls its energy conditioner The Titan, the message is pretty clear, we think. This is a beast. A brute to which you can attach brutal gear. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with this IsoTek Titan V5. The fourth… huh?… generation of the IsoTek Titan

Driade Flow Link Reference

Review Driade Flow Link Reference 808 interlinks – Get Connected

Regular readers of Alpha Audio will know by now that we’ve included the Driade Flow speaker cable in our regular set-up for a while now. This is not without reason: it is a great neutral speaker cable which allows us to use it with virtually any configuration of components. The rest of the cabling in […]

What causes audible differences in network cables?

We round off our little investigation into network cables with a listening test and a clear conclusion. As promised we subjected the network plugs to a listening test and listened to three different configurations: shielding fixed on one side, shielding fixed on two sides and double shielded (and both sides connected). Do we hear differences? […]