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Review NAIM ND5 XS2

NAIM is an excellent successor to the ND5 XS2. The new XS2 has an (even) more musical character overall. Vocals look cleaner and a little warmer. That is nice. The level of detail and imaging has remained the same overall. But in the subtle details differences are noticeable. At the bottom of the line the overall picture is a bit better. Add ROON and for us the control side is right too. Remember: the new XS2 no longer has a display, no optional power supply and no remote control. No problem for us… but maybe for you.

Totem Kin Play

Review Totem Kin Play active monitor

With the Kin Play, Totem not only plays on the trend of active speakers but also on the revival of vinyl. The built-in phono stage is therefore the trump card of this powered speaker. The easy placement, high user-friendliness and beautiful finish make the picture complete. The sound of the Totem Kin Play is fine and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Put a stack of CDs or vinyl ready and sit down for a good time. Have fun and play!

Focal Stellia

Review Focal Stellia Headphones

What a beautiful product is the Focal Stellia! Both the finish and the sound is really top-notch. Now we are usually not so impressed by closed over-ear models, but the Stellia is an exception. This over-ear definitely sounds well balanced. And that’s what the measurements show. Handsome Focal. Only point: the Utopia measures even better. And if we remember correctly, the stereo image is also a bit larger. But good: open also has its disadvantages.

Martin van Hees – Remgewogen

Martin van Hees – Remgewogen

Today a review of an album where the Netherlands is the leitmotif. Guitar music by Dutch composers, played by a Dutch musician; produced, registered and mastered by the Dutch label trptk. And yes, the microphones used are also handmade and designed by a Dutchman.

dCS Bartok

Review dCS Bartok streamer – headphone amp

What a machine. Of course, we have highlights in our testing career. But sometimes a product surpasses a highlight. It’s just special. The dCS Bartok takes the music experience to a completely different level. Without a doubt an Alpha Approved. Top notch product


Review Melco N10P-H30-E Digital Music Libray

No importer is so nice that a player from this price range is allowed to stay for a few months. So you may already understand what happened, the Melco N10 with a D100 stayed. A rib out of the body, but there was simply no way back to another audiophile storage, let alone a real NAS. Every day enjoying favorite music at a level as achievable with a Melco N10 is a blessing for which must be saved. Of course, the wall is still behind the speakers and the speakers are still there. Simply closing your eyes, however, is enough to make your brain believe that a complete transformation of the living room has taken place.

Optoma UHL 55

Review Optoma UHL55 smart projector

The Optoma UHL55 is a nice device. It is versatile, works well and has a reasonable price. The advantage of LED technology is that there is no rainbow effect. We do miss the refinement in color reproduction compared to the bigger brothers: UHD65 and UHZ65. But yes: that’s what the price is for.

Syntaxx dual PSU

Review Syntaxx bi-volt power supply

If you have one device to power, there are alternatives that may be more interesting. The Farad Super3 just sounds a little bit better to us. But yes: relatively more expensive (per output) and multiple boxes… So on a practical level, Syntaxx wins.


Review Ayon Sigma and NW-T DSD

It’s special stuff… AYON makes both optically and musically very nice equipment. The NW-T – 5150 euros – is a serious device with a delicious display. The Sigma-Dac (4000 euros) is in its class also a candidate to take into account. The tubes do something in the display. These Austrians have left a good impression with us. 

Sonos AMP

Review Sonos AMP

The new Sonos Amp is a beautiful piece of design. Coupled with the technique and innovation we are used to from Sonos, there is a beautiful piece of Hifi. It is important to connect the right speakers to the Sonos Amp. Complex or heavy speakers are not a success. A common, golden mean is the sweet spot. The sound image that the Sonos Amp produces is worthy of Hifi. The use for media is also good, especially with the rear channels for surround.