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Rotel Michi

Review Rotel Michi P5 and S5

If you are looking for a serious ‘amp-duo’, you will usually find yourself lookng at Pass Labs, AVM, Bryston, Ayre … Moon… or maybe Yamaha 5000 series. Just to name but a few examples. But Rotel…? Not directly. Until today. Because the new Rotel Michi line… yeah: yummy! We’re testing the Rotel Michi P5 and […]

Rotel Michi

Preview – Video – Rotel Michi P5 and S5

Rotel Michi… …that’s a name that gives many a lover beautiful thoughts. This high-end line of Rotel in the 90’s was an answer to the established high-end order. No compromise made, beautiful finish, lots of power and of course a super high quality CD player. The series is still doing well on the 2nd hand […]

NAD C658

Review NAD C 658 dac – pre-amp – streamer

In recent years we see more and more all-in-one devices appearing on the market and although initially people looked down on these crammed boxes, they seem to determine the future of the audio world today; the year 2020. In recent months we have seen the birth of the Nad M10, Hegel H120, Arcam SA30 and […]


Review Naim Nait XS 3

The Naim Nait XS 3 is an excellent analogue integrated amplifier. It has sufficient inputs, meaningful outputs, a Class A headphone amplifier and now also a fine phono stage. It is also easy to use, has an excellent remote control and is packed with quality components.

Kinky Studio EX-M1

Review Kinki Studio EX-M1+

Kinki Studio plays it clever game in our opinion. The name of the company is striking, the looks of the products are special and the price is competitive. Apart from that, the EX-M1+ is a beautifully built amplifier with an excellent reproduction. It is a puristic amplifier that makes the rest of your set shine like only the very best can. The Kinki Studio EX-M1 is a discovery and an absolute must see!

Dion Audio AB300

Review Dion Audio AB300 power amplifier

The Dion Audio AB300 power amplifier issued his business card. This time in a category where competition is fierce and big brands dominate the market.


Review ATC CDA2 MK2

Recently we visited the ATC SCM19 V2 monitors and they were so good that they have become our new reference. In order to drive these speakers properly, we went from an integrated amplifier (bye bye Bryston B60r) to a separate pre- and power amplifier combination. In this way, the closed ATCs get sufficient power and […]

Review Merrill Audio Cara preamplifier

Recently, we read an article stating that there would be about 20,000 hi-fi brands worldwide today. Choosing from all these brands is not easy, but every now and then products come our way by chance. At the last X-FI fair we heard a set of great sounding mono-blocks of which we didn’t know the brand […]

Multitest: Seven integrated amplifiers 5000 – 6500 euro

What a test. We have learned a lot from being able to put these beauties right next to each other. Because honestly: they are all beautiful devices. Every brand has its own signature. Every brand has its strong and less strong points. And unfortunately it’s true: saving money makes sense.

Keces E40

Review Keces E40 integrated amplifier

Ok, we may be exaggerating a bit, but we are convinced that a device like the Keces E40 – supplied by Kemp Elektronics – can be the beginning of a new, special hobby.