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Review IsoTek Titan V5 – Titanic Power

When a manufacturer calls its energy conditioner The Titan, the message is pretty clear, we think. This is a beast. A brute to which you can attach brutal gear. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with this IsoTek Titan V5. The fourth… huh?… generation of the IsoTek Titan

Review Grimm Audio UC1 – Ultimate Class

Why are we testing a studio converter again? Or even better: a universal converter that can convert analog to digital and digital to analog. With 1001 ways to switch it. What use is this to you – the hi-fi enthusiast? Well… that’s a very good question. The Grimm UC1 intrigued us; so we wanted to […]

Review – Four Teufel Raumfeld streaming speakers

You may know the German company Teufel for its soundbars, in-ears and giant party speakers. However, the Germans also make very affordable evergreens in the form of the Ultima 40 (including the Active version) and the Stereo L and Stereo M streaming speakers. Or the One M, to name but a few. We thought it […]

Review Merason Audio DAC1 – Swiss Craftsmanship

As a digital platform, we are always on the lookout for manufacturers who are doing something unique and Switzerland’s Dafraud GMBH, which Merason Audio is part of, is one such manufacturer. They may be a small player but their quirky take on the wonderful world called digital-to-analog conversion fascinates and intrigues. We already tested the […]

Musical Series – The Classic Top 400

The classic Top 400 is broadcasted on NPO Radio 4. The Top 400 is the classic counterpart of the Top 2000, with the difference that the list is shorter, while there are centuries of music to choose from instead of decades. A Top 4000 would be more appropriate, but anyway…

Revel 226Be

Review Revel Performa F226Be – inimitable neutral

The Swiss are known for their neutral stance in world (politics). And in a way that is also visible in their products. Everything works with extreme precision. When we think of America, we think of big and heavy. And somewhat ungainly. Also in sound when we talk about audio. At Revel, we now know that […]

Jcat USB XE - Optimo Nano

Jcat USB XE and Pico Nano – Beauty from within

We have written before about the Jcat NET XE pci-express card. A network card from the Polish company Jcat. We have been using pci-express cards from Jcat for some time now and time after time we are surprised by how well it works. The ‘Femto’ series brings more calmness and flow compared to standard usb […]

Review Dynaudio Emit 10 bookshelf speaker – Enthusiastic entry-level speaker

Bookshelfs. We love them at Alpha AUdio. Not surprisingly, we immediately say “Yes” when the Danes ask us to review and listen to The Dynaudio Emit 10. It’s the new entry-level speaker brand from Denmark. But don’t be fooled by the asking price of just under 750 euros per pair without stands and just over […]

Cambridge Edge NQ en Edge W

Cambridge Audio Edge NQ and Edge W – On the edge of your seat

On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, Cambridge Audio released the new Edge series in 2018 and although circumstances prevented us from testing it at the time, we are pleased to be able to do so today. Because if there’s one thing we’ve found over the past few weeks it’s that these devices still perform […]

Bowers & Wilkins 804D4 – Quad versus Van Medevoort

September 26, 2021 marked the first major live stream of the season! And we kicked off big time with two wonderful systems. One from the Netherlands and one from the United Kingdom. Yes: Van Medevoort versus Bowers & Wikins and Quad. Let the games begin