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Archives: Reviews - Amplifiers

Graham Slee

Review Graham Slee Majestic Dac – Proprius Mono Amplifier

The Graham Sleigh Majestic Multi Input Dac and Proprius Mono Amplifier are outsiders in the current audio landscape. The dac has its limitations and also the mono blocks have a modest power on paper. In practice, however, we are not lacking anything.

Hegel H590

Review Hegel H590 integrated amplifier

10,000 euros… …with five euros back for the bus home. 10,000 euros for an integrated amplifier with streamer and dac… serious money. But the Hegel H590 is worth it. What a beauty. It’s a really nice machine. In our estimation the best integrated all-in-one on the market.

But, uh… two things: why not an app? And if you, as a company, can’t arrange that… why not full ROON support. So not a limp AirPlay solution. Come on Hegel, you can do it! For fuck’s sake, this is a great product. Finish it off with full ROON support.

Primare i15

Review Primare I15 Prisma amplifier – streamer

The Primare I15 Prisma is a modern all-rounder with a high user-friendliness. The sound is balanced, completely according to the philosophy of this Swedish manufacturer. The amplifier, the dac and the streamer are all excellent. The small Primare I15 Prisma can be the digital heart of a beautiful set that takes up little space but plays big. We say: Alpha Approved!

Pass Labs XP-22

Review Pass Labs XP-22

The Pass Labs XP-22 preamplifier is another beautiful creation by Nelson Pass. To be honest, we are used to it. Nice about the XP-22 compared to the XP-12 is the gain in dynamics, tranquillity and spaciousness. This is clearly audible if your set allows it. The extra cost of 3700 euros is certainly worth it in our opinion.

Now a pure analog preamplifier in these days of digital audio is of course a niche product. But we are very happy that there are manufacturers who put time, energy, money and research into this. Because the fact is: a beauty like this remains beautiful. And there remains a market for it. Alpha Approved!

Audiolab 6000A

Review Audiolab 6000a amplifier

We really did our best to catch the Audiolab 6000a on an error but in vain. This is a very fine integrated amplifier and not only in its price range. For us, the very best components are the ones that inspire you and draw you into the music. Of all the qualities that the Audiolab 6000a possesses, that involvement is the most important. It is therefore the reason why we give this amplifier a well-deserved Alpha Approved award. Congratulations!

Hegel Rost

Review Hegel Röst all-in-one

The Hegel Röst is a special device. The integrated streamer, dac, pre- and poweramp are a wonderful combination. This device is also IP to control and Control4 compatible. That’s great for those who are moving towards Custom Install. The streamer is UPnP and AirPlay. That’s nice, but we do miss ROON or a decent app from Hegel himself. That has been the case with Hegel from the beginning. We would consider 5 stars if they still integrate that.

Review Bryston 7B power amplifier

With the Bryston 7B3, the Canadian manufacturer shows that it still belongs to one of the most prestigious hi-fi manufacturers in the world. These amplifiers offer us the ultimate compromise between the sound quality of a class A tube amp and efficiency of solid state. We praise the neutral character, the refinement and the enormous power with which these monoblocks perform. This allows these identical twins not only at solitary height within its weight class, but even far above. Bryston is also the only manufacturer to offer a 20-year class-leading warranty; if there’s no music in it… 

Arcam SA20 geïntegreerde versterker

Review Arcam SA20

The Arcam SA20 refines the display of the SA10 and offers more power to drive floorstanders more easily. Both analog and digital it sounds very good. The easy-to-read screen and user-friendly remote control enhance listening pleasure. The sound is calm, controlled but with sufficient dynamics. The Arcam SA20 fits well with different speakers and never gets sharp. An excellent all-rounder.

Rega Brio

Review Rega Brio amplifier

You’ve probably figured out for a long time that we’re very charmed by the Rega Brio. It is not perfect but the sound coming out of this modest box is very good. We don’t have a clue how Rega does this and we don’t really care. Probably a choice for a very solid power supply with good components. What we do know is that this is an amplifier that lets the music prevail and lets you enjoy your favorite albums again and again. A very fine budget friendly amplifier.

Review Pass Labs XP-12 pre amplifier

Pass Labs never introduces anything new. When a new model of preamplifier ends up on the shelves, something has also been changed significantly. This is also the case with Pass Labs XP-12, which succeeds the ‘good old’ XP-10. We put these two beauties thoroughly next to each other!