Review Acoustic Energy AE109² – Festival at home


  • Very competitively priced
  • Looks neat
  • Fine balance


  • Be careful with placement
  • Accessories could be better
  • Prijs: € 700

    Build quality
    Acoustic Energy AE109-2


    The Acoustic Energy AE109 is an amazing speaker for the money! To be honest, we do not quite understand how Acoustic Energy can manufacture and sell this for 700 Euros. The Acoustic Energy AE109² could, in our opinion, also compete in the 1000 Euro class. That is how good they are.

    Are there no disadvantages? Not really, except that the supplied (essential) accessories in our estimation could be better. Although this can be solved quickly and cheaply and is certainly not a deal-breaker. If you take a very critical look at the speaker itself, then the sweet spot is perhaps a bit on the small side. And the placement is critical. For a really tight bass, decoupling feet are a must. If everything falls into place, we can imagine that this is a speaker where many an enthusiast can be very happy with... for a long time to come!

    Sound and Conclusion


    We start with Adele’s new album and specifically the song “Oh My God”. Lovely uptempo song with a nice build up. Her voice comes through very well with both the necessary warmth and enough clarity. What stands out are especially the small transients, s’es and t’s. Whereas with your author’s Wharfedales these imperfections are largely polished out. With the AE109² they are clearly noticeable

    When Stromae plays his new song L’enfer we really get goosebumps. Yes, goosebumps from speakers, less than 700 euros, bizarre.

    The Acoustic Energy AE109 places the piano beautifully wide in the room. After each transition from a busy passage to a quieter piece, there is a lovely roll-off that clearly reflects the depth of the music. 

    Switching to Billie Eilish with Bad Guy, the Acoustic Energy AE109 betrays its price a bit. The 2the beat goes deep and we hear some resonance. This could be placement, but we estimate that this is just in the speaker. A solution is a set of IsoAcoustics that you can put in place, but given the cost of these feet, we estimate that this is not really realistic. Perhaps a do-it-yourself project or cheaper decoupling feet would be appropriate here.

    If we go to Miles Davis – So What from the album Kind Of Blue – then we can do nothing but enjoy. Each instrument is so easy to distinguish and place in the generous stereo image; it sounds super realistic as if we were in the cafe or bar playing live. Eyes closed, tapping foot on the carpet and enjoying with a whiskey in hand until the end of the song. But what about rock, metal, electronic and drum and bass?

    • The Pale White – Sonder is rhythmically flawless and detailed
    • Bloodywood – Aaj gives depth perception and is otherwise as it should be raw, energetic and coherent
    • Daft Punk – Aerodynamic gives goosebumps up to and including
    • Deadmau5 – Avaritia turns up the volume and feels like spring has arrived and we’re going wild at a festival. It’s all so wonderfully tight and coherent.

    In short: yes: the Acoustic Energy AE109-2 is an omnivore. A delightful, affordable speaker that any enthusiast will enjoy.

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