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Review ATC CDA2 MK2



  • Good sound across the board
  • Lovely CD player
  • Compact


  • Headphone output at the rear
  • No XLR input (!)
Build quality



Recently we visited the ATC SCM19 V2 monitors and they were so good that they have become our new reference. In order to drive these speakers properly, we went from an integrated amplifier (bye bye Bryston B60r) to a separate pre- and power amplifier combination. In this way, the closed ATCs get sufficient power and we can work even smoother. We are now testing a separate preamplifier: the ATC CDA2 MK2

An additional advantage is that we can now test pre- and power amplifiers, such as the ATC CDA2 MKII which – sent by Helios – is on the shelf today. Because in addition to loudspeakers, ATC also has a limited line of hi-fi devices in its range. This is not strange because ATC has been making active speakers for decades. The ATC CDA2 MK2, which we are looking at today, is a so-called all-in-one device that can become the digital heart of your system.

Besides an analogue preamplifier, this unit is also a headphone amplifier, dac and CD player! The great danger with this type of aircraft is that they can do a lot but are not really good at anything. Or as the British put it so beautifully: “Jack of all trades, master of none”. How will the CDA2 MK2 fare? Let’s find out!

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