Review Atoll Electronique SDA200 and CD200 Signature – Vive La France!


  • Sounds exceptionally good
  • Versatile
  • Build quality
  • Roon Ready


  • App is a little rudimentary
  • Prijs: € 4600 set

    Build quality
    Atoll SDA200


    What more can we say about this dynamic duo? The SDA200 Signature is a very nice all-in-one device but also a great amplifier with balls and dynamics. The SDA200 Signature has a fine d/a converter and there are sufficient connection possibilities. The Signature app is rather basic but stable and of course you can always choose another app. The delightful remote control, however, makes up for a lot. Although we initially paid less attention to the CD200 Signature, it pleasantly surprised us. The playback, ease of use and flexibility of this analogue player is very good. Because of the excellent built-in dac, you will not quickly reach for a more expensive model, but should you ever consider it, the CD-200 is an excellent transport. 

    For whom

    The Atoll SDA200 is for someone who doesn’t need a Roon subscription and is happy with the Atoll app or a third-party app. This device will appeal to you because of its design and functionality. And of course and especially by its playback quality… because that is excellent.

    Atoll has loyal customers who really like the ‘French’ sound. Or the Atoll sound so to speak. A round, full sound with sufficient resolution that focuses on enjoyment and relaxation. More laid-back than ‘in your face but with dynamics and punch’.

    The CD200 is highly recommended for someone looking for a reasonably affordable and user-friendly CD player to integrate into their system. A CD player that never sounds sharp or cold and is more versatile than it seems at first sight!


    The Cambridge Audio EVO 150 is more compact and has a sleeker design. Its screen is also larger and more comprehensive in terms of info. You get Roon but the sound is completely different and quite specific so you have to make a bit more effort to find a pleasing match. The Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 is also here and has an additional asset besides Roon with its patented ‘Room Perfect’ function. However, the power is limited (2x60watt, class D) and also the connections are rather limited. The Lyngdorf sounds good with easy to drive speakers but can run into problems at higher volumes and speakers below 6 ohms.


    UPDATE: All Atoll streamers are Roon Ready since March 23.


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