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Review Audiolab 6000a amplifier


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    Audiolab 6000A



    Over the past few months we’ve gotten some fine affordable integrated amplifiers over the floor. Think of the Ps Audio Sprout 100, Arcam SA10 and Rega Brio. Three amplifiers in the same price range, each with their specific qualities. Today we discuss an amplifier that fits perfectly in that line up; the brand new Audiolab 6000a integrated amplifier. Let’s check it out!

    Audiolab is no stranger to us. When we started our own hi-fi adventure, we played with the 8200 series for a while. Both the amplifier and CD player of that series were the first serious stuff we played music with. They both sounded very good but to be honest we fell for their tight looks. Because what do those Audiolab things always look cool! Also the affordable 6000 series looks fantastic.


    Our silver test specimen has a particularly contemporary look and exudes class. It fits perfectly in a modern interior. The aluminium front is particularly clear with three equally sized rotary knobs for volume, mode and input respectively. The buttons are a pleasure to use and especially the volume goes up smoothly. Or better said the low end, because increasing the volume goes very fast from 78 to 0.

    In the middle we see an oval oled screen with clear info (input and volume) and a full headphone jack with separate amplification. The beautiful remote control does not fall out of place and is very user friendly. In this series we find an integrated amplifier, a CD transport and a streamer. Everything you need to build a nice set. Audiolab is part of the IAG group, which includes Luxman and Quad. Not bad company to be in.

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    1. Hi.
      Good review. Thank you.
      I bought the 6000A Play version more than a year ago and pair it with Q Acoustics 3020 (older versions) with stands and an Emotiva subwoofer. It sounds realy good. I enjoy them for music and for films.
      I wonder if a better pair of speakers will give me more? What do you recomend?
      AS an example, on actual speakers I can’t hear the difference between those filters (fast, slow and phase).

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