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Review Audioquest Water, Diamond, Monsoon and Powerquest 3


  • Clearly identifiable differences
  • Something in every class
  • Looks very nice!


  • Effect varies per set
  • Can be expensive!
  • Prijs: € Depends



    What do cables actually do to a system? That is the question we are trying to answer for you today. We’ve done comparative tests before but this time we’re going to explore what adding a whole bunch of cables in a set does to the reproduction quality. To organize all this we got the help of the folks at Audioquest. Let us know what you need!, they said. Well that’s what makes us reviewers happy indeed!

    The American company Audioquest is one of the biggest players on the market and always up for a good review. Our choice was mainly determined by the composition and value of our system and we also looked at what was already present.

    But what price range in their line-up should we choose from? What kind of cables are we going to request? What do more expensive cables do? And what does relatively affordable stuff do? We’ll find out for you. Extremely expensive cables seem out of place here. Eventually we came to the selection below:

    • Powerquest 3 power filter 329 Euros
    • Audioquest Monsoon power cable (2 meters) 449 euros
    • Audioquest Water rca and xlr cables (1 meter) 699 euro
    • Audioquest Diamond coax and aes/ebu cables (1 meter) 1199 euro

    The Audioquest Monsoon power cable is the cheapest from the Wind series and the Audioquest Powerquest 3 is among their most affordable power filters. The analog cables are in the mid-range but the digital cables already have a hefty price tag. Both the analog and digital cables both use the patented DBS technology that we have written about before.

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