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Review Benchmark Audio Systems AHB2 in Mono


  • A lot of power
  • Transparency
  • Overall sound


  • None
  • Price: € 3600 per stuk

    Build quality
    Benchmark AHB2


    Is it worthwhile to purchase a second AHB2? That was today's question. We say a wholehearted yes. The benefits are many. The extra power (380 watts!) not only gives you more control over your speakers but so much more. The AHB2 is not cheap but it does deliver buckets of quality. It is extremely versatile, compact and indestructible. And even more than in stereo, the reproduction in mono is 'off the charts'. There is no way back actually. You have been warned!

    Set-up and installation


    This is not a standard review so we’re taking a simple approach. We just list the most important change for you. That way you have a handy overview immediately.

    • Unlimited power
    • More 3D imaging
    • More insight
    • More control
    • Speakers disappear completely
    • Higher intelligibility
    • Higher level of detail
    • Higher refinement
    • Same flow and speed
    • Longer reverb on guitars and other instruments
    • Plays even more effortlessly
    • Even tighter bass with more definition
    • More body around instruments

    You’ll notice it’s a whole laundry list of benefits and it’s the first time we’ve used the cliché the artist is in the room with us, because that’s where it really goes just because the music completely detaches from speakers. Delightful.

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