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Review Bowers & Wilkins DB3D – Drop that bass


  • Compact
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Great app
  • Sounds very nice!


  • No room measurement on Android
  • Prijs: € 2449

    Build quality
    Bowers Wilkins DB3

    The Sound


    A subwoofer in a stereo hi-fi system where music is primarily played… It that swearing in the church? Mwah… we don’t want to say that directly, but to be honest we never really thought about it. Purely because both the Sopra No1 plays wonderfully, and the DALI Epicon 2 certainly does not disappoint in terms of musicality. And especially since the NAD C298 it goes exceptionally well in terms of speed, openness and punch. And yet…

    Absolute control

    Yes… and yet… We were curious about what a subwoofer offers in such a system. Especially at home where with electronic music, the impact is lacking in certain cases. Think Angel by Massive Attack, or with A Perfect Circle’s mix album where deep down a lot is happening. Or with soundtracks and movies like TRON or Bladerunner…. big movies where just brute force is needed. And no… the Epicon 2 just doesn’t do that.

    But brute force isn’t everything: a subwoofer does more. It also provides extra space and foundation which makes the mids and highs come out better. Purely because the foundation is there. And we are particularly curious about that too. In short … let’s go.


    A good quality subwoofer that that is set up properly won’t be heard. It fits into the whole and only supplements where the main speakers fall off and no longer can provide energy. And that is exactly what we experienced here: the Bowers & Wilkins DB3D only makes itself heard when it is needed and where it is needed: where the Epicons can no longer deliver. Or in other words: deep at the bottom of the spectrum.

    The effect is wonderful: a more complete pallet with certain types of music, but no change in timbre. We’ve had all kinds of things come along over the past few months (yes… we’ve been playing with it for a while…) but haven’t been able to hear any extra coloration anywhere. We therefore have the strong feeling that the DB3D does not color at all. In itself not strange, since Bowers & Wilkins can build excellent speakers with low distortion. And in this case we can adjust everything ourselves; crossover, phase and even through the EQ. In short: everything is now set to measure which can also take away a lot of coloration.

    So where the DB3D excels is the feeling of absence. And that is perfect, since you have most likely already found a good match with amplifiers and speakers. Then when a subwoofer throws everything upside down, you are anything but happy. This DB3D, after proper adjustment, certainly does not. In fact, we hear no subwoofer, but with certain types of music just miss some foundation when it is off. Just that body at the bottom. Just that base that makes it a bit tastier and more complete.


    With movies it’s even better. We are used to it just stopping somewhere near the bottom, but when the Bowers DB3D takes over, it’s almost scary at first. Damn!, how deep this cube goes! A landing ship in TRON shakes the living room in its entirety. Shotguns go right through the couch without effort…. V8s in Fast & Furious just stand in the living room; that loud and resolute this compact bass cabinet plays. Truly bizarre what the DB3D does in movies.

    And the contrast with how subtle this sub works about its business in music could not be greater…. this is a speaker with two faces a kind of ‘TwoFace’ among subwoofers. In a positive sense of course!

    In short?

    We are not going to repeat ourselves. Our conclusion: a good subwoofer is a chameleon. It adapts to the system and is inaudible. Until you turn it off and think…. hey… i’m missing something. That’s how it should be. In this respect, it’s like a pinch of salt and pepper on the food; it should already be tasty without it, but it can complement it nicely.

    Price and availability:

    The Bowers & Wilkins DB3D is available for a price of €2,449.

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