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Review Bryston 4B SST3 power amplifier




After we have lifted the Bryston 4B3 to its provisional location, we take some time to take a good look at it. The resemblance with the 3B3 and previous generations is striking, as we are used to from this manufacturer. Yeah, this is another real Bryston.

At first glance, it all seems to be largely the same, but we are dealing here with a very progressive external change. The latest design trends from Cupertino have apparently also reached the Canadians. Following in the footsteps of the black brushed aluminium fronts of the earlier Brystons (since 1976) our 4B3 has a – yes – silver and beaded glass front. Without braces. This gives the 4B a more ‘feminine’ look from an unspecified Californian company and we don’t know if we prefer this to a shiny brushed look. It looks a little… trendy? It takes some getting used to from a manufacturer who has been proclaiming for years that sound quality takes precedence over looks.

Remarkable story, because the Canadians are a bit like the Groningers of North America. If it all works the way it’s supposed to, they’ll be fine. Sober folks. Just work hard and don’t complain too much. Especially not too much frills and adornment. (Your editor with Groningen’s export-roots may say so).

In the Bryston factory, the products are still assembled entirely by hand. (Photos: Bryston, Canada)

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