Review Cabasse Pearl Keshi – delusions of grandeur?


  • Sounds big
  • Fine tonal balance
  • Looks good!


  • Unhandy remote control
  • No hdmi
  • Fixed wiring satellites
  • Price: € 2500

    Build quality
    Cabasse Pearl Keshi

    Set-up and Sound


    Then when everything is set up right… what does it sound like? Well… big! Much bigger than you think. This is – as I said – no simple desktop-system. Yes, it can be used like that, but then with 2500 euros you really have a very, very luxurious system for the computer … No: this is more for the living room, well used office where you spend a lot of time, or perhaps for the TV where you now for once really good sound because you also want to watch decent movies.

    This is simply much better than a soundbar that always sounds like…. a soundbar. Well, what can we say: we are not fans. With a few exceptions. But then again: they also cost serious money.

    Grand and airy

    If we have to come up with a few words that capture the character of this set: big and airy. How big you want to play is partly controlled by the angle of the bulbs. This is because you can rotate them to set the stereo image. Handy if you want to hang the spheres on the wall (that is also possible). But also if you have them on a lower piece of furniture. Then turn them so they are a little higher. We do not have to explain that this makes a lot of difference in the experience …? Think of it as turning in your speakers. That is also necessary for an optimal experience.

    We lived with the Cabasse Pearl Keshi for a few weeks in our workspace. There the 2.1 system played quite a few hours of music. And what is striking is that the Keshi is not prominent unless you want it to be. It can play just fine in the background and fill space pleasantly with music (our workspace is about 20m2). But if you want to have a party, there is no doubt that this system can really deliver. After all, there is 1000 watts of power at your disposal! It will deliver… believe us.

    What is also striking is that the Keshi absolutely does not sound thin at lower volumes. This is undoubtedly due to the DSP that adjusts the balance. It will look at the volume and adjust the sound balance accordingly. A kind of automatic Loudness. And that’s good, because our ears are less sensitive to low at lower volumes …


    If we live with the product like this and start thinking about who this is for, we estimate that this is not for the purist hi-fi enthusiast. It’s a “designer” 2.1 system. That’s swearing in church for the purist. But your author does think they are making an error in judgment. This is better than you think. Is it ultra-hifi? No… …of course not. But it is better than you think. It is more detailed, more complete and more coherent than you will estimate. And, above all, it plays more pleasantly than many a “designer system.

    Cabasse has proven that they understand DSP and can make beautiful-looking systems that also sound good. It will appeal to many younger couples because of its design and connectivity. Couples who want something beautiful in the living room, study and near the TV. However, an HDMI input will be handy. And that is unfortunately missing. We really hope that Cabasse will include that in an update.


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