Review Cabasse Pearl Keshi – delusions of grandeur?


  • Sounds big
  • Fine tonal balance
  • Looks good!


  • Unhandy remote control
  • No hdmi
  • Fixed wiring satellites
  • Price: € 2500

    Build quality
    Cabasse Pearl Keshi


    At first glance, the Cabasse Pearl Keshi looks like a designer system. And in a way it is. But Cabasse has also made sure that it sounds good. Much better than many a conventional fan would think. The Keshi plays big, airy and remarkably coherent. Even at low volume. And that makes it a pleasant life partner.

    We do see some areas for improvement. The wiring is attached to the satellites, which we understand in a way. But what if you want shorter or longer cables? Or the wire breaks? Also, we really miss hdmi on this system. We estimate that many people use this set with their TV. It' s ideal... Compact, but big sound. In short: the ideal replacement for those soundbars... And the remote control is not handy because it often has to be re-paired, which takes time. Bit irritating after a while.

    Fortunately, we have a great app that didn't let us down during the review period!

    The App and Conclusion


    We want to briefly show some of the app. We’ve taken screenshots of all the main pages and the set-up. That way you have an idea. By the way, the Cabasse Pearl Keshi is already going through the certification for ROON. We already saw the Keshi in the software. However, not yet fully certified…

    The Cabasse Pearl Keshi App

    The app works stable and fast. Here and there we still see some fuzzy translations. Streaming is by default via UPnP, which works fine if you have your music properly tagged and you have a good server. Tidal, Qobuz, Napster, Deezer and Spotify are also found. In short: plenty of sources to play with. Should you want more: Bubble UPnP can stream from services to a UPnP source.


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