Review Cambridge Audio CXA61 integrated amplifier


  • Controlled playback
  • Many inputs
  • Solid construction


  • Midrange somewhat prominent
  • Prijs: € 899

    Build quality


    It is actually incredible what manufacturers can do nowadays. For 900 Euros you can get a very solid sounding amplifier. The Cambridge Audio CXA61 sounds open and tight. And will always keep speakers under control.

    The great thing is that you also have a very versatile device in your home. The CXA61 offers not only analogue but also digital inputs. Both USB, optical and coaxial, as well as Bluetooth. In short: with a pair of beautiful speakers, you are almost ready to go. Neat. That's what healthy competition does: it forces manufacturers to move forward. And we fans reap the benefits.

    Video and samples


    Samples Cambridge Audio CXA61

    Lossless samples Cambridge CXA61

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