Review DALI Opticon 6 MK2 – Light-footed giant


  • Sounds good
  • Low distortion
  • Easy to drive


  • A bit of popular tuning
  • Price: € 1998

    Build quality


    The speaker market is unprecedentedly crowded and saturated. On the one hand, that’s an advantage – there’s a lot of choice and tough competition keeps prices down – but it’s also incredibly difficult to make a choice: there’s just too much. Fortunately, there are many reviews to be found online, so you can at least make the first selection. In this review, we try to paint a complete picture of the DALI Opticon 6 MK2. A pair of 2000 Euro floor standing speakers. Per pair…. an interesting price range!

    We’ve seen and heard quite a few speakers from DALI pass by here in the listening room. From Epicon to Opticon and even Phantom in-wall and active Rubicons. And in a lot of cases, they score very well. For a reason: DALI knows what it’s doing. They just make really good speakers.

    Made in Denmark

    What is nice about the DALI brand is that they do almost everything themselves. They make the cabinets – in Denmark – the units – in Denmark – and the filters: yes…. in Denmark. That is quite unique. Many brands outsource certain parts of the production. Especially units and cabinets. For almost all of the speakers, DALI does not do that. And that’s commendable.

    The advantage of working this way is that you really have everything under control. From development to production. And that makes it possible to adjust or improve things along the way; after all, you are on top of things.

    The DALI Opticon 6 MK2

    The Opticon 6 MK2 is a big speaker. There is another ‘8’ that has larger woofers (8-inch… very surprising), but we assume that these ‘6s’ will be enough for many people.

    So the Opticon 6 has four units. And it is therefore a kind of 3.5 or four-way system. The crossovers are at 800 Hz, 2200 Hz and 14000 Hz. The tweeter is a two-way system in fact. On the back we see the bass reflex ports and the dual connections for the speaker cables. The system can thus be bi-amped or bi-wired. The total system has a range of 49 Hz to 30 kHz (+/- 3dB) and a nominal impedance of 4 Ohms. You will see in the measurements that this is quite accurate with our measurements.

    The cabinet is made of MDF and has a neat finish. The units are firmly seated in the cabinet, the speaker looks sleek with the cover in front of it and the supplied feet ensure that the whole remains firmly in place.

    Type test
    Single Test
    Speaker class
    Floor standing speaker
    Speaker type
    Speaker system
    Bass reflex
    Signal control
    Frequency range
    49 Hz - 30000 Hz
    88 dB
    4 Ohm
    • Width: 20 cm
    • Depth: 33 cm
    • Height: 100 cm
    Weight speaker
    19 Kg

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