Review DALI Phantom M-375 in wall speaker – Fantoomsound


  • Easy to build in
  • Very 'shallow' design
  • Backbox
  • Nice sound


  • A sub would be great
  • Prijs: € 999

    Build quality



    We measured the DALIs, close to the wall. After all: it is a CI-speaker and so the wall is taken into account. We see neat measurements that match what we hear. The picture is well balanced (a slightly ‘relaxed’ midrange) and free of distortion. From 60 Hz onwards it is below 1%. In short: all very neat.

    The impedance measurement shows that it is an easy load on an amplifier. We see no dips below 5 Ohms. In short: in theory, this speaker can be driven with a tube, which is obviously beneficial. We also measured the phase behavior of the filter and the inductance. Whether that is useful is questionable, but it is nice to see once.

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