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Review Definitive Technology D15 loudspeaker


  • Fine sound
  • Beautiful design
  • Suitable for music and film


  • Not super precise
  • Not completely neutral
  • Prijs: € 3398

    Build quality
    Definitive Technology D15

    Set-up and Sound


    We tested the Definitive Technology in two systems. First in the reference set with the Pass Labs XP12, Metrum Acoustics Pavane dac and Ambre streamer and as a power amplifier Bryston 4B SST3.

    Then we included the two floor standing speakers in the cinema set. After all, it is also a speaker for cinemas. Funnily enough, we still have the set D7 from the bookshelve test. So we put them down as surrounds. The processor in this system is the Illusonic IAP8. An nVidia Shield and Sony X800M2 blu-ray player act as sources. A B&K HTA 7,150 7-channel power amplifier powers the speakers.


    In both sets the Definitive Technology D15 plays equal. We hear a little more refinement on the reference set. However, the image and the character are fairly similar. This is a positive feature in the sense that the speaker is quickly satisfied. However, you will not take the D15 to an extreme level with special hardware to drive it. That’s possible with other competitors. However, these are more critical, which means that you will have to look longer for appropriate control.

    If we have to describe the sound character of the Demand D15 the following terms come to mind: large imaging, sweet, powerful and full. Is it very neutral? We won’t say that, but it does feel balanced. And that’s something important. The sound is right. The bass is not too woolly or too warm. It’s even punchy and tight if you control the speaker properly and position it properly.

    The middle, however, is slightly layed back. And the high is tuned a little bit to the bright side. A trained listener hears that. However, we do not find it disturbing. It does not distract and will not get in the way of the musician’s intention.


    In the Cinema we notice the roots a bit. Man, what a pressure in the bass, this Definitive Technology D15 can build up! Unbelievable. In Shaft we hear the funk glide through the room and in Fast & Furious the subwoofer tracks buzz effortlessly through the passive radiators. This is a speaker that definitely feels at home in a cinema environment.

    Speech without a center speaker is also excellent, it is easy to follow and does not feel colored. Although the Definitive Technology D15 may project it a bit large. With some tuning of the acoustics and some extra toe-in this could be solved. In our environment, however, this also has a drawback on distribution within the stereo imaging. It looses some ‘air’. So we accept the compromise.

    The air and body work formidably in this set-up. Movies really do require a different signature. And there the Demand D15 is fully satisfactory.

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