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Review Denon AH-GC30



  • Wear comfort
  • Long battery duration
  • Noise Cancelling


  • Less musical than desired

Price: € 349

Build quality



We can still decipher many names or type numbers of products. Sometimes that doesn’t have to be difficult at all. But sometimes we get products of which we think, “Well…we see it, but how did they get on the name by type????” For the review of the wireless Denon headphones, Denon AH-GC30, this kite is partly on. With the new models, the number just goes up. But as for the letter and its meaning, we owe you an answer.

We love Head-Fi and Denon has proven himself in the past in the field of Head-Fi. That’s how the AH-D7200 made us very happy. And the AH-D9200 can also charm us.

The Denon AH-GC30 is a bluetooth headset. We’ll get a completely new one. So not a model that has already been tested. And we can already tell you that playing – burning in – is necessary. There are still people who look at us strangely when we tell them that audio equipment has to play. But believe us, it makes a world of difference. So after a good 100 hours of play we can get started with the Denon AH-GC30.

Full Package

The functionality and specifications of Denon are good to see. Let’s kick off with Noise Canceling. Ideal for annoying colleagues or the frequent flyer.

Internally we find 40mm Hi-res drivers. These would make for a compelling music experience (according to the bronchure). The Denon AH-GC30 also offers the possibility to have a double connection with bluetooth. So for example with the Ipad and the Iphone.

The Aptx codec ensures a decent transfer of the bits and bytes. And so a better music experience. We also find a double microphone for calls. If the battery now runs out of power, you can switch to a wired connection using the accessories supplied. According to Denon, we could listen for about twenty hours. Charging’s in two hours.

It does become clear that Denon has a specific target group in mind with this AH-GC30. Business people. The group that travels frequently, holds meetings and has to make phone calls.

Comfort with the capital C

When opening the packaging we are pleasantly surprised by the smell of new consumers Hi-Fi. The smell we often compare to the smell of a new car. We’ll unpack the Denon AH-GC30 and set it up immediately. It is perhaps the most important feature of headphones; Wear comfort.

And what about it? Well, very good, actually. The wearing comfort is sublime. The position of the auricles in relation to the headband is slightly different than usual. But make sure you have the right fit. The headband is soft and elegantly finished and the shells move to the shape of the head. The filling of both the strap and the auricles is great. They are both well filled and have a certain firmness.

But after we wear the headphones for a minute, it doesn’t feel solid. On the contrary, it’s comfortable. This makes long phone calls or listening sessions a piece of cake. If we no longer realise that we are wearing headphones, this means a maximum score on wearing comfort. That certainly applies here.


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