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Review Driade Flow speaker cable


  • Very neutral
  • Flexible
  • Affordable


  • Appearance is... not 'special'
  • Prijs: € 800

    Build quality
    Driade Flow Speaker Cable

    The test set-up


    We’ve been using the Driade Flow for a while now. It has been used in the multitest of amplifiers around 2500 euros. And after that also in several reviews that have followed. We also changed a few times between the Audioquest William Tell Silver and this Driade. Finally, we also have at home a second set of Driade Flow connected between the AVM M30 (Dutch) and the DALI Epicon 2 (Dutch).

    In the end we mainly did the review with this system:

    As source we have now also used an Aurender A30. This streamer we mainly used with Tidal. And we A/B compared it with our own reference: the Metrum Pavane and Ambre. We will write a seperate review about that of course. But the Driade Flow speaker cable must of course differ in sound and imaging.

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