Review Driade Model 3S – The ‘S’ of Serious


  • Sounds incredibly big
  • Rhythmic
  • Clean
  • Easy to control


  • Sober design
  • Pay attention to acoustics
  • Prijs: € 7300 per paar

    Build quality

    The Sound


    If we may use a few words to describe the Driade Mode 3S:

    • Grand
    • Rhythmic
    • Fast
    • Insightful
    • Neutral

    Anyone who followed our Q and A from August 27 knows that we have a bit of a battle with this Driade Model 3S. Before the overhaul of our listening room, our room had more attenuation and less diffusion. However, it also had a fairly straight characteristic. However, the Driade Model 3S does not like a damped room very much. Now that the listening room retains more energy and is more focused on diffusion, everything goes much better and the speaker sounds wonderfully open, fast and balanced. In short: don’t dampen your room too much.


    Since the Driades have been playing nicely, we’ve put a lot of CDs in the Denon’s cd-drive and let a lot of streams go over the Ambre (and alpha music PC with Jcat cards). Time after time we are curious to see what the Driade can conjure up in the room. The rhythmic and fast character of the Model 3S invites us to play more. It almost seems addictive.

    More music, (re)discovering, falling in love again with older recordings you haven’t heard in years…. it feeds the hobby in a way we don’t often encounter. Sarah McLachlan, Nathalie Merchant, Renaissance (progressive trance)… and even Cypress Hill; all sorts of things we send through the Driade’s. And they swallow it all and put it all down with the right characteristics. But with a lot more definition, air and precision than we heard, say, 10 years ago. Sometimes shocking, sometimes emotional, sometimes laughable because we remembered it very differently. That’s how it goes with memories.

    What sucks us into the music is the space and the ease (looseness) with which Driade plays. The Dutch company already indicates that these speakers can be driven with a 14 watt triode. They themselves play with an Ayon tube amplifier. And that works – according to them – excellent. We believe it immediately when we hear how much headroom we now play with: absolutely no compression or sense of restriction. Not even at higher volumes. And you can bet that we played loud every now and then!

    Soft is also good

    Sometimes we need to concentrate and then the volume goes down. What strikes us when we are doing some research is that this speaker maintains its character well, even at low volume. This is something that very few systems do really well. Purely because there is always a point where a speaker performs best, sounds the most coherent. This Model 3S also has such a point, but at lower volume we continue to perceive warmth and dynamics. A pleasant feature.

    Listen to the Driade’s

    Download the lossless samples

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