Review Driade Model 3S – The ‘S’ of Serious


  • Sounds incredibly big
  • Rhythmic
  • Clean
  • Easy to control


  • Sober design
  • Pay attention to acoustics
  • Prijs: € 7300 per paar

    Build quality


    The Driade Model 3S surprised us immensely at an incredibly airy and honest reproduction with great resolution and insight. It's a speaker that flawlessly reveals what's in the recording. Both positive and negative; that's how it goes with a transparent system. If the chain is right then it is a speaker to enjoy intensely. And that is what we did. Arnold Heres has put a special and wonderfully idiosyncratic product on the market. Definitely one to pick up in a search in this price range! Alpha Approved!

    For whom?


    So who is such a Driade Model 3S for?

    First of all, for the enthusiast who likes to be presented with a big picture. This three-way simply plays big. With lots of air, acoustic information and space. But with the instruments and voices in proportion. So don’t expect a guitar on the scale of a concert grand piano.

    It is also a speaker for those who like a rhythmic a precise character. The Model 3S plays enthusiastically and with plenty of “slam” when the amplification allows it. This makes this speaker really draw the listener into the music. It is not a speaker for musical wallpaper…. but then again, there are other solutions for that too, aren’t there?

    All in all, a very interesting product with a very quirky character. Delightful.

    Alpha Approved!

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