Review Elac Carina BS243.4 Monitor


  • Controlled, coherent sound
  • Nicely finished
  • Price


  • Not the fastest speaker
  • Powerful amplifier recommended
  • Prijs: € 998

    Build quality
    Elac Carina

    Set-up en installatie



    Recently there have been some changes in our reference system and we have decided to test only in one room. We are in the process of optimizing that one room and have already measured and signed a number of things. For example, our small monitors are now about 2 meters apart and have a slight toe-in at an angle of about 20°. The listening chair is at a distance of 2.50 metres.

    The loudspeakers will be on stands that are filled with small aluminium balls, a residual product of windows and doors, among other things. Because we disconnect with a set of IsoAcoustics Aperta we end up at a height of 65cm. The distance to the side walls is 75 cm and 60 cm to the wall behind the speakers. Our larger ATCs are more than three metres apart and have a toe in of 25°.

    The Elac Carina replaces a set of Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee in the reference set below:

    • Benchmark AHB2
    • HPA4 Benchmark
    • Benchmark DAC3 B
    • NAD M50
    • Norstone Stylum 2
    • Isoacoustics Aperta
    • Wiring: QED XT40, Audioquest Yukon, Dion Audio DI75

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