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Review Elac Solano BS 283 bookshelf speaker


  • Easy placement
  • Coherent playback
  • Soundstage and imaging
  • Detail-rich and holographic
  • Beautiful finishing


  • Requires solid control
  • Exposes lesser elements in the set
  • The bookshelf is close in price to the Vela
  • Price: € 1599 per paar

    Build quality

    Set-up and installation



    We put the speakers on Q Acoustics stands and decoupled them by a set of IsoAcoustics Aperta. The speakers are 2 meters and a half apart and slightly turned in (tweeter along the ears). With the Solano, this produces the best results in our room. Read a wide and stable soundstage.

    Paying attention to the placement of your speaker is always a good idea and with the Solano there is quite a bit of profit to be made by taking some time. The listening chair is just under 3 meters away and we replace the standard iron jumpers with our Qed XT40 ones The Elac Solano replaces a set of Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee in the reference system below:

    All power cords go into an Audioquest Powerquest 3. Music comes from Tidal and Qobuz and is streamed via Roon and BluOS. We also use hi-res files via usb but mainly put on CDs. In addition to the Vienna Acoustics, we also used the Elac Carina BS 243.4 and Bowers 606 for comparison

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