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Review Elac Vela BS403


  • Detailed presentation
  • High quality components
  • Design


  • Not as good on low volume
  • Price: € 1990

    Build quality
    Elac Vela BS403


    Elac have had the wind in their sails for some time now (pun intended) and proves with the Vela BS403 that they can compete at this level. This loudspeaker fits perfectly into the list of modern, detailed monitors that we have heard in recent years. However, they distinguish themselves by their distinctive appearance and special components. The materials used are of the highest quality and the finish is 'premium grade'. From a certain sound pressure there's power, dynamics and a lot of detail with enough bass in the lower frequencies. Moreover, the Vela BS403 is a real 'eyecatcher' that will be at home in any modern livingroom. Check it out!

    For whom?


    It’s pretty crowded in this price range so it’s important to distinguish yourself from the masses. We’ve said this before and state it again that the looks of a loudspeaker can be decisive when buying a speaker. Our Atcs, for example, seldom get points for their looks and are invariably described by visitors as big and unwieldy. The Elac Vela BS403, on the other hand, received nice comments from everyone and were very popular. This is a loudspeaker that appeals, is looked at and touched. It rasise questions and will be the centre of attention in anyone’s home. Not only because of its design, but also because of its choice of materials.

    It is also a serious monitor that needs solid electronics to play at a high level and needs to be set-up correctly to get the most out of it. Anyone who likes a forgiving loudspeaker should look elsewhere. The Vela BS403 is a sophisticated loudspeaker but ‘tells it like it is’. It doesn’t make a lesser piece of music more beautiful. That’s the price you pay for that high level of transparency and detail. It is also less suitable for metal and heavy classical music but all in all it is a good all-rounder that makes most genres come through fine. If you want to hear subbass, you willneed to buy a subwoofer. However, the Vela BS403 is not a lean, analytical speaker, on the contrary.


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