Review Final Model 12 – Ultimate Insight


  • Very coherent
  • Insightful
  • Remarkably easy to place


  • Large
  • Needs a subwoofer?
  • Prijs: € 12999 per paar



    What a great speaker this is. This is a speaker that proves that in this little pimple of a country on the world map, we simply produce products that belong in the world's top tier. The Final Model 12 plays ultra-coherent, loose, insightful.... complete. Both ears and measurements show and hear that. Yes, a subwoofer is welcome, but not necessarily. Without a doubt worthy of Alpha Approved!



    Take a look at this – these are wonderful results from the Final Model 12. Especially compared to the “passive” Model 5 that we struggled with a bit anyway. This Model 12 is much more easy to place and measure. And that shows. Distortion is under control, although the Model 5 has even lower distortion figures. (Maybe due to the smaller panel?). However, we don’t see anything crazy.

    At 50 Hz the Model 12 dips below 1% and stays there. From 200 Hz through 7 kHz is at and below 0.3% which is impressive. Response is a lot more even than the Model 5 which is definately audible. We hear more high frequency information and a more coherent behavior across the spectrum. Even without a set time-window we see a very even behavior (thanks to the remodeled room). We then see that the Model 12 is not really fullrange. It picks up from about 50 Hz. That is in line with the specifications. However, we measure slightly less high frequency information. Final specifies up to 23 kHz. -3 dB. We do not see that back in our measurements.

    All in all, impressive measurements for which Final absolutely need not be ashamed! Definately Alpha Approved for this beautiful electrostat. Alpha Approved

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