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Review Focal Stellia Headphones


  • Insanely beautifully made
  • Sounds remarkably balanced
  • Balanced and unbalanced


  • Utopia measures even better
  • Prijs: € 2999

    Build quality
    Focal Stellia


    The reader will have noticed that we like to use Focal speakers. The headphones as well as the loudspeakers are very popular here. Although of course not all models are in the Top-3. The Utopia, however… beauty. When we heard that Focal was going to launch a closed version of the Utopia, we couldn’t wait. Now we’ve got him on the head… what does the Focal Stellia sound like? Read on!

    Focal makes much more than just floorstanders and monitors. The French brand also makes (high-end) car audio, studio monitors and of course: headphones. And not entirely unsuccessful (understatement). The headphone industry goes like a spear if we are to believe the importer.


    The start of this success lies around the introduction of the Elear and the Utopia. The Clear seems to run much better than the Elear. And surprisingly, the Utopia doesn’t run bad at all (and with a price tag of 4000 euros…). The introduction of the closed Stellia is therefore not a crazy step. After all, there are plenty of users looking for closed, high-end headphones. Nice “Cocoons”. No one’s bothering you.

    Leather and luxury

    High-end headphones require more than just a super deluxe display. A high-end experience is part of the experience. A certain WOW factor that even the snobbish ultra-high-ender knows how to grab ‘off guard’. Now very few products succeed. However, Focal makes a very good attempt with the packaging of the Stellia. Bloody hell! What a box! This is a real unpacking party. The box is finished in a kind of leather, in the box a nice etuit – similar to the one of the Elegia – and next to that a leather-wrapped box with again an etuit with the manual. It’s really taken care of. And no. No French battle here. Everything’s right, everything fits… Hats off.


    We can get through this quickly, because the Stellia just falls in line with Focal’s other models. The cushions and headband are real leather, No plastics. And as we have grown accustomed to by now, the sturdiness is fine. Our Elear is widely used and is still in good condition. Getting the right size is a piece of cake… just pull a little and everything slides with fine clicks to the right fit.


    Let’s take a brief look at the Stellia’s structure. The heart consists of a unit of Beryllium. A bit the signature of Focal. After all, all their top models have a Beryllium tweeter. Also the headphones get a unit of this special material. Beryllium is very light, very stiff and conducts heat well. In short: it is a particularly suitable material for units. The unit has a diameter of 40mm

    Now the Stellia is a closed model, but it’s not completely closed. It is a ventilated room in which the unit is placed. This has advantages for pressure and energy dissipation. The cups are finished with leather and a metal decorative grid. The cables are detachable. There is both a balanced 4-pin cable and a model with a mini- and screw-on large jacket.

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