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Review Grimm Audio UC1 – Ultimate Class


  • Very neutral reproduction
  • Versatile
  • Good price


  • Operation could be easier
  • Prijs: € 4780

    Build quality

    The test setup


    Basically, the Grimm Audio UC1 replaces the Pass Labs XP-12 and the Pavane. However, we listened with and without the Pass Labs. This is because we are curious to see how good the output of the Grimm UC1 is and what, if anything, the Pass Labs can add.

    As source we used the Alpha Audio PC with Mutec MC3+. The Mutec MC3+ USB sends a digital signal via XLR into the Grimm UC1. This makes it analog and thus sends it to either the Pass Labs XP-12, or directly into the Bryston 4B SST3.

    As speakers we use the Focal Sopra No1. Cabling is a mixture of Driade Flow, Grimm TPM, homebrew and Audioquest. The system is connected to a Kemp HiPower 8 plus and an Isotek Titan filter. The Grimm UC1 runs on the latest firmware that was available (1.1.0).

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