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Review Grimm Audio UC1 – Ultimate Class


  • Very neutral reproduction
  • Versatile
  • Good price


  • Operation could be easier
  • Prijs: € 4780

    Build quality


    A studio device for the home? Yup... we thought: why not. The Grimm UC1 is a true Swiss army knife, developed for the studio. But the reproduction is so good that we did not want to withhold it from you. For just under 4800 euros, you get an incredibly good sounding and versatile device. Not the easiest to use, but oh my... What a quality. Alpha Approved!

    For whom?


    We can be very brief. The Grimm Audio UC1 is the most versatile converter we’ve had in our listening room. And that’s not surprising: at its core, it’s a studio converter. If we convert it to hi-fi terms, it’s a preamplifier, dac, adc, headphone amplifier. Rev: and Masterclock.

    This does not make it the ideal partner for everyone, because who needs a high-quality analog to digital converter and a Masterclock at home? However, this makes it a device that will appeal to many fans of special things. A person who does not go for ease of use per-sé – because no: it is not the most convenient device for the home user – but is looking for something a bit ‘quirky’. And with that, this enthusiast gets a super versatile device with a beautiful playback characteristic in the house. Pure, controlled and super smooth.

    In short: do you like something crazy in the audio rack? Go crazy: pick up a Grimm Audio UC1 and be surprised.

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