Review Hegel H190 – Bluesound Node 2i – Monitor Audio Gold 100

We are visiting Poulissen in Roermond. A beautiful shop with a huge range of the better audio equipment. We’re going to test three systems: from entry level to high-end. We start with a modest system that consists of a Hegel H190 with a Bluesound Node 2i and a set of Monitor Audio Gold 100. A delicious musical system where the enthusiast will regularly get goosebumps

The composition of this system undoubtedly took the most time. Composing a good system in this class is difficult, because the supply is huge. We can choose from so much beautiful – and brand new – stuff! Poulissen has almost all the relevant brands. From NAD to Rega, Hegel, DALI, Dynaudio, Monitor Audio…. You will see the list automatically on the website.

Mix and Match

We made a nice one until we came to the conclusion that simplicity is a trump card. Just an embankment of an amplifier on a pair of transparent and exciting speakers and go… The H190 controls almost everything well. And Monitor’s new Gold series has a pleasant transparency and intensity. Vocals, for example, come through wonderfully.

The first set-up lacked dynamics and control. And when there was peace, it wasn’t exciting. That’s completely different with this simple but versatile set-up. We’re really surprised what this is able to put down. Is it a real budget? No. 6000 euros is definitely not boarding. But, uh… this plays really well. Very transparent, open, quick…

Curious about what else we have to say? Check out the video below!

Video Review Hegel H190 – Node 2i – Gold 100



  1. Hi Jaap,

    Interesting review and I’m intrigued with the Bluesound Node/Hegel combo. Unfortunately, I don’t understand Dutch. Curious, why would you pair the Node with the Hegel for this demo? Appreciate your thoughts on this.



      1. Hi Jaap,

        No apologies necessary. I just recently bought the Hegel H190. As far as streaming goes, I use the built-in Spotify Connect and paired it with my Buchardt S400 SEs. The sound from this combo is sublime. Thanks a lot for your reviews, it certainly helped with my purchase decision.

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