Review Hegel H95 integrated amplifier – with music samples


  • Powerful sound
  • Lots of control
  • Sound is bit 'warm'
  • Versatile (all-in-one)


  • Sound is bit 'warm'
  • No Roon support
  • ... or own app
  • No balanced input(s)
  • Price: € 1695

    Build quality
    Hegel H95



    Hegel is a well know brand at Alpha Audio HQ… Their all-in-one models almost always perform well. Especially when it comes to control and stability. Even the most demanding speakers are in control with these Norwegian wonders. This time we pick up the ‘baby-Hegel’. The successor to the Hegel H90… the Hegel H95… A sleek amplifier with numerous inputs, including Ethernet for streaming!

    The naming of the new Hegel H95 differs a bit, because if we look at the other models: the Hegel H360 has become the H390. The Hegel H160 became the H190 and the H100 became the H120. Now the Hegel H90 used to be the H70 and H80. So H90 sounds logical. But that succeder became the H95… Well… you probably have to stay under 100 to not get into the domain of the H120! But then… what’s the successor to the H95 is going to be called? H96? H98? Anyway… Hegel is more often a bit weird. The volume control also goes up to 99… You shouldn’t have ocd when you own a Hegel, because then things could go wrong, we think.

    The Hegel H95

    The Hegel H95 has a large power supply. We are used to that from the Norwegians. That is partly responsible for the control that we always hear from a Hegel amp. The two times 60 watts may seem ‘cramped’ compared to others: these watts are a completely different story. Just like for example ‘watts’ from NAIM or NAD.

    Digitally we see an AKM AK4490 dac and digital receiver. Nice. We have some good experiences with dac-chips from AKM; very fine, musical sound. That will be no different now, we estimate. The dac-board looks modified, compared to the H90. USB is handled by the well-known Tenor chip.

    No surprises on the outside. Hegel has a very recognizable appearance. And this H95 also meets the minimalist image of the Norwegian manufacturer. Remarkable: the on and off switch is now at the bottom in the middle (bottom) and is no longer a switch as we knew it. This has become more of a standby button. Fine of course.

    The display is a super good readable oled-display. Very pleasant. Many manufacturers should take an example. The left dial is for input, the right one for volume. For those who sit on the couch: the revised remote control is a bit smaller, but works fine. Very intuitive.



    1. I am interested in Hegel and Primare amps. Both brands do amps with analogue and digital Dacs. Including your review of Hegel H95. you also reviewed/ auditioned the Primare Prisma I15 among other amplifiers under 2500Euros. How would you describe Hegel sound presentation in comparison to Prisma sound presentation?

      Out of the beginning lower models of Hegel and Prisma which amp would drive ATC SCM 11 & 19 properly..? (I can’t afford Hegel H190 so I suppose I mean Hegel H95 or H120 or Primare Prisma I15)

      Thanks for all the Audio work you do most interesting….!

      1. Thanks for the comment and kind words.
        I would go for the Primare i15 Prisma. It’s more neutral, better streaming capabilities and can drive the ATC’s without an issue.

        1. Good evening! Yes, the link from the article was down but through the database it worked… Thank you! Trying to decide between atoll in100, hegel h95 and the arcam sa20… Hoping these samples and your articles help! Thank you and keep the good work!

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