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Review Hegel Röst all-in-one


  • Sounds very nice
  • Easy to use
  • Complete package


  • No own app or ROON
  • Prijs: € 2495

    Build quality
    Hegel Rost

    The Set-up


    We have used the Hegel Röst in several sets. We connected the Bowers & WIlkins 606 S2 to it, controlled a couple of DALI Phantoms with it. A pair of Teufel Definion, Focal Sopra No1… Final Audio even played with it on a few prototypes. Enough diversity in the set-ups, we’ll say.

    The source is the Hegel’s UPnP streamer as well as the dac and analog input. It depended more on how the Hegel was used: as an amplifier or as a total solution. If external sources have been used, in many cases a combination with the Metrum Acoustics Pavane-dac and Ambre streamer is involved.

    Apps and stuff…

    To be honest, with the Hegel Röst – and other Hegels – we are missing a solid app to operate the device. BubbleUPnP works fine of course, but nowadays it has become quite common that a manufacturer either has an app of his own, or chooses ROON. Hegel remains very stubborn about that. The question is whether this is still useful, because the competition is getting smarter and better every year.

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