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Review HifiMan Arya over-ear planar headphones


  • Fast and complete sound characteristic
  • Beautiful soundstage
  • Premium technology in sober jacket


  • Make sure there is a good match with headphone amplifier
  • Fit can be better
  • Prijs: € 1599

    Build quality
    Hifiman Arya

    Hifi-men in all sorts and sizes


    If you visit the website of HifiMan, you will see an impressive overview of models and types. HifiMan has never really been champion in a clear series structure, but the new name structure should change that. The brand has no choice but to keep some classic models in its collection, as Limited Edition, Version X or Version 2. We have listed the most relevant Hifiman headphones models for you.


    Sundara € 499
    Ananda € 999
    Arya € 1599
    Edition X V2 € 1299
    HE6se € 1800
    HE1000 V2 € 2999
    HE1000se € 3500
    Susvara € 6000

    Electrostat (+amp)

    Jade € 2799
    Shangri-La jr € 8499
    Shangri-La € 50000


    Arya in Sanskrit means noble. The Hifiman Arya headphones remind us of the HE1000 in terms of shape and driver type, but in a sober version. The HE1000 is made of light metal, has ear cushions and headband made of calf leather and comes with three types of cables. The Arya is black, ear cushions and headband made of artificial leather, and we get one cable with a 6.36 mm plug. For the rest; the same ‘window-shade’ structure with which the outside of the auricle is constructed. Material and structure of the driver is the same as that of the HE1000. The technical specifications of Arya and HE1000 are therefore identical.


    Hifiman Arya

    The metal frame surrounds the headband; the auricles rotate freely around their axis. This ensures that the auricles can easily end up in a somewhat twisted position, which at first frightened us into thinking that we had bruised these headphones for over 1,500 euros. But it’s okay, this is part of the construction. We can easily bring the auricle to the desired position; however, we do wonder whether people with a small head can also achieve a good fit. For many people with whom we tried the Arya, the smallest position was the only correct one.

    Because of the light weight (408 grams) we hardly feel any pressure on the head. However, this pressure is also so low that the auricle quickly changes position with head movements. In our opinion the wearing comfort could be improved; but this is also a very personal matter.

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