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Review Isotek Aquarius V5 – central powerhouse


  • Brings calmness
  • And focus
  • High and Low current
  • Looks good


  • Price has become steep
  • Prijs: € 2499

    Build quality
    Isotek Aquarius V5

    The set-up

    Isotek Aquarius V5

    We tried the new Isotek Aquarius V5 particularly on the Metrum Acoustics Pavane d/a converter (DAC3) and the Metrum Acoustics Ambre streamer. The Pass Labs XP-12 is not a fan of filters we already know from experience. The Bryston we find a too heavy load to seriously try on the Aquarius. Customers of a Bryston 4B are not going to use it like this. We advise them to use a Titan because of the peak current that the Bryston can generate. The Yamaha A-S2200 will do, we have already noticed.

    The complete system consists of:

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