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Review IsoTek Titan V5 – Titanic Power


  • More dynamism
  • More tranquillity
  • More detail


  • No idea
  • Prijs: € 4799

    Build quality

    The Sound

    If we have to put the IsoTek Titan V5 into one word, it’s DAMN. Of course, that’s not enough for a full description. So let’s explain a few things.

    Coming Home

    We received both a Titan EVO3 and a Titan V5 from IsoTek. Keith Martin was so convinced of the move that he encouraged us to put the two versions side by side. When we start with the IsoTek Titan EVO3, it feels like coming home.

    We, of course, remodeled the entire listening room last summer. And certainly since the last tweaks, the balance has become very good, but now that we have the Titan back in the system, we know again what is possible: Damn…. what a sound. More dynamics… more energy. And what is that bass suddenly delicious again! Kick, power, tight…and deep. Yes: this is just better. No discussion.

    More beautiful again…

    Can it get any better? That seems incredibly difficult to us. Because this is already really very good. The whole system sounds better. When we connect the Titan V5 and switch the Bryston back on we first hear that the bass seems to go even deeper. Boy: that this is possible with a monitor speaker. Unbelievable!

    But more things are going on here. And the longer we listen, the clearer it becomes. This new Titan also puts things tighter in focus and can better place in depth. Or rather: this device makes our Bryston do its job even better. Because let’s face it: the Titan itself does nothing in terms of amplification.

    And last but certainly not least… it is a little less ‘harsh’ in the mids and highs. We can not find another word.

    Now we want to be very clear: the Titan EVO3 is already a beast. A great filter for power amplifiers. However, the version 5 knows how to go a bit further. And that is unprecedentedly impressive we think.

    We put some more music on. A new discovery for us: Amplifier with the album Amplifier. What a great rock album. Raw guitars… nice and energetic. We are in the music within two seconds and take out the Air Guitar. After we finish playing, Sophie Hunger goes in. The system immediately transforms into relaxation mode. No problem. We drift off to her amazing voice and dream about France. “Hmm… we fancy a carefree vacation…”…. Enough dreaming. Time for some Massive Attack.

    Teardrop goes through the Alpha Audio PC to the Mutec…. And hey… how odd. We hear something we haven’t heard in twenty years: a very subtle effect on the right speaker (in the passage at about 45 and 57 seconds). Way in the background. Now that I know about it, of course I always hear it. However, this again shows how much is still hidden in our music collection.

    All you need is clean power :-).

    Lossless samples

    IsoTek Titan EVO3

    IsoTek Titan V5

    No filter


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