Review JPlay Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic


  • Sounds seriously good
  • Easy to install of
  • Solidified


  • Price...
  • That price...
  • Prijs: € 2550

    Build quality
    Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic


    With the M12 Switch Magic, JPlay offers a seriously interesting product for the high-end enthusiast who is looking for a dot on the 'i'. This special switch - which is surprisingly no-nonsense - offers an instant improvement in rest and definition. However, the set must be at the right level. If so... enjoy.



    Telegärtner M12 Switch

    Of course, the question arises: for whom is this system intended? After all, 2550 euros is quite a hefty sum for an upgrade of an audio system. The differences will not be clear to everyone, as it depends on the system and the acoustics. If a system is well balanced and transparent, the difference will be clearly audible.

    We estimate that the Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic is of interest to owners of a high-end system who are ready for the dot on the ‘i’. That ‘magic touch’ that is just a little bit needed in streaming audio. Not for those who are just starting out and can still make great strides with, for example, a nicer source or another set of speakers. M12 Switch Magic


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