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Review Lejonklou Baozu integrated amplifier


  • Uncoloured, purist reproduction
  • Musicality and commitment
  • Speed and dynamics


  • Zero features
  • Limited power
  • Limited number of inputs
  • Banana plugs only
  • Price: € 2999

    Build quality
    Lejonklou Baozu


    What is striking is how little the Lejonklou Baozu adds to the signal. Surely that is what we experience. Little to no coloration. However, the involvement remains high, very high. It therefore does not take long before the Boazu gets under your skin.

    Secondly, we notice a complete absence of sharpness. Female vocals sound clear, pure and detail-rich but never bite. This is also a fast, rhythmic amp with a punchy, tight bass where all excess fat seems cut away. Yet it never sounds thin or analytical.

    This thing is also quiet, dead silent. That silence also gives you that inky black background that really lets everything through. Soundstage and imaging are fine and after three weeks of listening, we are enjoying each piece of music more and more intensely. We are completely sucked into the music. An experience.


    We begin with the excellently recorded CD “Diamonds and Pearls” by the inimitable Prince, who died far too young. The song Walk, don’t walk pops through the speakers with surgical precision and with delicious dynamics. The Lejonklou Baozu does not make a mash of it but lets each part of the track come through nicely without losing the whole of the song.

    The Waterboys now with their fine CD “Modern Blues”. This top Irish band does not make bad music and also on this album it is full of gems. It is mainly the ease with which the Boazu plays that stands out here. Imaging is top notch and the soundstage is wide but not overdone. There are a lot of solid songs on this album and the Boazu has everything under control.

    The first track ‘Destinies Entwined’ rips through the listening room wonderfully. Rhythmically everything is perfect and nowhere is an element emphasized. Vocalist Mike Scott’s voice comes through with conviction and before we know it we are roaring along.

    Time for Andy Shauf’s storytelling on the wonderful “The bearer of bad news”. The compact disc is anything but well recorded and on many systems the s-sounds are harsh and sharp. But here it goes well. The Lejonklou Baozu seems a little kinder in the highs but, however, without loss of detail. It is this wonderful balance that makes the Boazu so addictive. The Boazu never kicks shins but it does marvel. Richard Hawley and Geoff Keezer also sound convincing and incantatory through the Boazu.

    We stream the fantastic album “On The Line” by American country singer Jenny Lewis via Qobuz. This track is full of rock solid songs but sounds downright bad on a mediocre system. Only on a balanced system does the class of this album fully come into its own. We urgently need to buy the CD, we’ve just discovered that Boazu is the first time we’ve listened to the entire album and we even go for a second round. Delicious.

    Lana Del Rey, Lucy Rose, Joan Armatrading, Charles and many other female singer songwriters sound wonderful through the Boazu.

    For Whom

    The Lejonklou Baozu is for the purist who sees the Boazu as the core of his or her system. Someone who loves an uncolored and fast rendering. Someone who is open to a distinct design and does not shy away from innovations.

    Agreed, the designer expects a lot of concessions from the buyer but when you hear this amplifier you understand why. This is special, different and innovative. Those looking for an all-in-one solution will be very disappointed. No extras here. Because of the rather limited power, some consideration must also be given to the choice of speaker. Our Atc’s are difficult customers anyway and with the Boazu we found the match not really great. With the Acoustic Energy AE509 and Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee there was a very nice synergy.

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