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Review Lejonklou Baozu integrated amplifier


  • Uncoloured, purist reproduction
  • Musicality and commitment
  • Speed and dynamics


  • Zero features
  • Limited power
  • Limited number of inputs
  • Banana plugs only
  • Price: € 2999

    Build quality
    Lejonklou Baozu


    The Lejonklou Boazu is an extraordinary integrated amplifier. Not because of what it does, but precisely because of what it does not do. It amplifies the signal without imposing itself, without making itself known, without standing out. Not even visually. It is as if this amplifier says: don't mind me.

    With his slogan "zero features", Fredrik Lejonklou does not make it easy for himself, but at the same time it is a statement by a designer who resolutely opts for a pure signal. And we think he has succeeded. Everything has been stripped down to get the most uncoloured reproduction possible.

    If you are looking for a puristic representation, you should give this Swedish reindeer a try, despite its limitations. The Boazu might just be the amplifier you've been looking for.



    We have the Moonriver Audio 404 still in house, which proves to be the ideal counterpart to the Lejonklou Boazu. While the Moonriver is definately there… it likes to present itself, the Boazu chooses to eliminate itself in function of the music. Rather colored against uncolored. But everything is relative and a matter of taste because both amplifiers have the same high involvement and give listening fatigue no chance.

    Very soon these differences are abundantly clear The Moonriver 404 has a warmer midrange and makes its mark more on the reproduction. He is therefore far from neutral. Both it does have a high level of transparency and insight. The Moonriver 404 plays a bit larger and more bombastic versus the subtle and rather subdued Lejonklou Boazu.

    The Boazu is faster than the 404 but the latter makes everything sound a bit rounder again, ideal with modern, fresh speakers. To check things out we again use the CD of Andy Shauf and notice that the Moonriver lets the s-sounds through a little more.

    On the track ‘Wendell walker’ you hear around 1’15” something resembling a singing saw going from one speaker to the other and we noticed this more with the Moonriver 404. Instruments are just a bit more up front in the mix. The Lejonklou Boazu, on the other hand, allows the instruments to meld with the whole. Finger snaps, cymbals or electronic accents sound crystal clear in the Lejonklou Boazu where all this in the Moonriver 404 splashes a bit more.

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