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Review Matrix Audio Mini i-pro 3


  • Solid sound
  • Immensely versatile
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Beautiful colour screen
  • Roon Ready
  • Price


  • Display not readable from afar
  • Price: € 799

    Build quality


    We have been inundated with affordable Chinese dacs lately, so it is important for manufacturers to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. In our opinion, the Matrix Audio i-pro 3 succeeds in doing just that. The reproduction is what we expect in this price range but in terms of versatility and user-friendliness, the i-pro 3 goes a few steps further. The i-pro 3 is a pleasure to use and leaves no feature out. Every component performs exceptionally well and the beautiful screen is the icing on the cake. The price-quality ratio is particularly high here, which is why we give the Matrix Audio i-pro 3 an Alpha Approved.  

    For Whom

    Matrix Audio Mini i-pro-3

    The Matrix Audio i-pro3 is an extremely versatile device that you can go several ways with. You can use it initially purely as a streamer or Roon Endpoint and use the dac on board. Later you can connect a separate dac to play a level higher. Or you can use the i-pro 3 as a serious headphone amplifier because it has enough gravy to drive even tricky headphones. Even as a preamplifier, it performs more than adequately. However you choose to use the humble i-pro 3 it will not disappoint!

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