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Review Merason Audio Frérot NOS d/a converter


  • Refined playback
  • Excellently made
  • Plenty of connections
  • Great price


  • Limited specs
  • Price: € 999

    Build quality
    Merason Audio Frérot


    The Merason Audio Frérot is a very fine NOS d/a converter with plenty of connections that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This cute little box is assembled with Swiss precision and looks very attractive. By using technology from the more expensive DAC1, a very high level is achieved. The Merason Audio Frérot does not go for the specs but goes flat out for the best possible reproduction at an affordable price. We find the Merason Audio Frérot a revelation and a welcome addition in this price range. Alpha Approved!

    For Whom


    A separate (NOS) dac without volume control is for a well-defined target group. A group that already owns a decent integrated amplifier or fine preamp. They are for someone who wants to take the digital part of the set to the next level without wanting to sell a kidney for it. These dacs are there to make your CD player sound a lot more refined or to consign your built-in dac to oblivion.

    The Merason Audio Frérot is the perfect candidate for both jobs. The Merason Audio Frérot is also ideal for those who like to upgrade because you can connect your own linear power supply or soon try out Daniel Frauchiger’s new power supply. We are certainly going to test it, but to be honest we never had the inclination to connect, say, an Sbooster or Farad to it.

    With the Mytek Brooklyn, we did immediately. This dac is for someone who is looking for the best reproduction at the best price. Someone who is not afraid of adventure and is always looking for something new, fresh and affordable

    After all, this is a dac that smoothly integrates into any set and subtly does its thing without drawing too much attention to itself. It is not a dac for those who consider specs important because DSD, MQA, oversampling and the like will not work.

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