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Review Metrum Acoustics Ambre Roon Endpoint


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Flexibility
  • i2S digital off
  • Roon


  • Dimensions (size) is not always convenient
  • I2s only possible with sacrificial USB input
  • Build quality


    Well... That was a surprise! A puristic Roon endpoint for 1200 euros with this reproduction quality? We didn't see it coming. Especially via i2s the reproduction is unprecedented good. Super pure, uncolored, stable and with a stereo image where many competitors do not come close. Disadvantage is that you have to sacrifice the usb coupler. In our case not convenient, but there is to work around it. No doubt Alpha Approved. Perhaps this year's best product already. If we had that award...

    Specificaties Metrum Acoustics Ambre


    Type of device ROON Endpoint
    Inputs LAN
    Outputs Optical, coaxial, AES, I2S (via network cable)
    Software ROON
    Dimensions Half din
    Weight Nb (estimate: 2Kg)
    Price 1199


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