Review MOON 680D (V2)


  • Highly transparent sound
  • Very little colouration
  • Complete package


  • No volume control
  • Prijs: € 9500

    Build quality
    MOON 680D


    MOON uses the 680D to create a highly flexible dac/streamer. The MiND2 streamer can be operated with its own app and with ROON. MiND2 is also multiroom compatible which is a very pleasant feature. We also see a special amount of connections: AES/EBU, coaxial, optical, bnc and usb. And as a bonus bluetooth. In short: something for everyone!

    The price of 9500 euros is of course serious. But this is a seriously good performing device. We hear loads of detail, openness, rhythm and refinement. Not all dacs based on the ESS Sabre 9028pro have that. So MOON has done something very good with the power supply and clocking. The only thing we are missing is a lossless volume control. Then an analog pre-amp is no longer needed, which saves costs. And now... ...analog is not always needed. Next version MOON?

    For whom?


    Who’s the MOON 680D for? There are plenty of dacs in this segment. But with a streamer? Not so much… think MSB, dCS and Aurender. Very, very nice machines. All of them. MOON comes along nicely in this segment. The open sound, a lot of insight and flexibility are trumps that not all competitors have. However, we lack a volume control. For the minimalist, that’s a shortcoming. Those who play with analog sources, however, have a pre-amp anyway. And then an extra volume control is an unnecessary feature.

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