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Review Moonriver Audio 404 integrated amplifier


  • High-quality playback
  • Beautifully made
  • Fine features
  • Modular


  • No XLR input
  • No headphone output
  • Large
  • Prijs: € 3000

    Build quality
    Moonriver Audio 404


    Every bird sings a different song and the Moonriver Audio 404 has a lot of songs to sing. Of course we mean that literally. It is a beautiful amplifier, not only to look at, but especially to listen to. The unique design steals the show at first but it is the reproduction of sound that lingers on. Again literally. It is not easy to explain what this amplifier does exactly, you have to experience it. Are you tired of those thirteen in a dozen amplifiers, then let the Moonriver Audio 404 come along. Like us, you will find it hard to say goodbye. Alpha Approved!

    For Whom


    We do love a purist amplifier and certainly one that sounds as good as the Moonriver Audio 404. Yes, you can get a dac and phono stage with it but we don’t necessarily have to. We don’t know how good the modules are but if you already have a nice source, dac or phonstage then this amplifier will not disappoint you. It will in fact get the best out of your hardware. The modules are of course ideal for those who want everything in one box.

    This amplifier is for someone who is looking for a device that really makes music. It brings the whole system to life, is the beating heart of everything connected to it, and is like a young colt ready to let loose.

    The Moonriver Audio 404 is not perfect and may not be for everyone but we guarantee tons of listening pleasure. And that is what it is all about in the end. If you often hold late-night sessions, this amplifier is also an ideal partner.


    We don’t have any integrated models in this price range so we compare the Moonriver with our Benchmark pre- and poweramp combination. This duo costs more than double but it has a lot more functionality. The Benchmark duo sounds more neutral, more linear and we need that to test other compontents. Don’t get us wrong our reference makes a lot of music depending on the dac and source that is connected. However, the Moonriver Audio 404 has so much temperament that it largely helps to determine the reproduction itself

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    1. Thank you for your positive review of this Moonriver amp. I notice you confirm you used ATC SCM19 speakers (among other speakers) as part of the review. Could you specify how did the Moonriver generally drive the speakers considering its only 50watts for 8ohms. Was it a good synergy between the amp and speakers? Thank you

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