Review Muse – Will of the People – Short and…?


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  • Meer muse dan Simulation Theory


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    Muse can be counted among the greats of the world. The British band – once started as Rocket Baby Dolls – has been at it since 1994 with their first album Showbiz in 1999. Your author fell in love with it. As a Radiohead fan, Showbiz hit hard. Now we are 23 years and 9 studio albums later. Is Will of the People still Muse?

    If your author is being very honest, the previous album – Simulation Theory – just wasn’t very good. After Drones, which was one of the band’s highlights, it’s also incredibly difficult to impress you audience. Matthew Bellamy admitted to being very tired after the ‘Drones tour’. Not really surprising if you know what a tour like that is like. It must be really exhausting. Matthew wanted to do something completely different with Simulation Theory. And he did succeed with Simulation Theory (2018). 90s graphics and a whole lot of zombies is not something we’ve ever seen from Muse. While the theme is fun; the album didn’t contain a whole lot of tracks that stuck. At least not with your author.

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