Review Mutec REF10 master clock – everything in time


  • Brings a lot of tranquillity
  • ... and insight
  • Bad recordings can be listened to


  • Serious upgrade
  • External 10 MHz clock input needed
  • Price: € 3790

    Build quality
    Mutec REF10 Clock


    What an incredibly special device this is. A master clock/reference clock. What do you do with that? How can it make a big difference? We have an idea. But it is much better to experience what it does for yourself. We have decided... Have it! Fat Alpha Approved.

    So why 4 stars? Simple: somewhat boring box, very niche and still a hefty price for a clock ... But yes ... at the end of the line really a gadget!



    We started with a poem for a reason. What a bizarre experience this is. Of course we are used to big differences when changing a speaker or an amplifier. But a clock that suddenly makes everything fall into place? We weren’t expecting that. Now you shouldn’t expect a sudden increase in bass, or a shift in timbre. It’s not that. It’s much more the flow, space and refinement that increases. It’s several subtle differences that, overall, can suddenly have a significant impact on the experience.

    More, more, more!

    Now we can endlessly explain what happens with what track and what genre. But we’re not going to do that. Because the differences are the same for each track. And also with every genre.

    There is less edginess, more palpable acoustics (more insight into the recording and the acoustics of the studio) and the space grows, with the separation between the instruments being more clearly established. The result of these dots on the ‘i’ is that we want to listen to more music. And then when we go through our library, it turns out that less pleasant recordings are much more palatable. Think of Audioslave or certain works by Metallica (Death Magnetitc remains intolerable, unfortunately). Because of the reduction in sharpness, it is much more pleasant listening to these “non-audiophile” recordings. Great, because there are some real gems among them that are really cool.

    Fortunately, it is also true that beautiful recordings are even more beautiful. So it’s not that it camouflages things. Because in Massive Attack’s Teardrop we just hear new things. And also in the album Heligoland we hear new things in tracks. Once again, it shows that Massive Attack pays unprecedented attention to their recordings. You just keep discovering things. Very cool!


    After a few weeks of playing and getting used to the Mutec MC3+ / REF10 combination we have to say goodbye again, it is a very painful farewell. We just hear and notice that something is gone. A lovely glow. A little “magic dust” blown away. It makes us a little unsettled and sad. Could it be some heartbreak?


    If you go away

    the room feels so cold

    And the emptiness that remains

    feels so heavy

    When you leave

    i see everything in shades of black

    For the emptiness that remains

    suddenly feels so true


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